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E & H Roofing is a full-service roofing company servicing Caldwell, ID, and specializing in residential and commercial roofing. We offer a wide variety of roofing services, including roof repairs, replacements, and new construction roofing, all at affordable prices.

Our company uses only the highest quality materials and expert workmanship to ensure that your roof will last for years. Contact Idaho’s most trusted roofing contractor to protect your home.

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Expert Roofing Services For Idaho

Quality roofing completed by experts will provide defense for a home for decades, and we have been helping homeowners and businesses with their roofing needs since 2001.

We bring those twenty years of experience into every roofing job, and we begin each job with a free, no-obligation quote. As expert roofers, we’re confident that we can identify your roof issue and deliver the best solution.

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Residential Roof Services

Residential Roofing Services For Idaho ResidentsThe E & H Roofing team offers a full range of residential roof services, including roof inspections, new or total roof replacements, and roof repair jobs. We also have training in the installation of seamless gutters. The design of these modern gutters provides better protection against the elements, higher leak resistance, and much easier-to-maintain gutters. Their continuous, one-piece design also looks great.

Roof Inspections

The roof replacement process begins with a thorough inspection. Our experienced roofers will look for cracks, surface-level damage, or missing roofing tiles. We will also inspect the inside of the home for areas of apparent damage. Sagging ceilings and brown spots indicate your roof isn’t protecting as well as it should.

Before starting repair work, we will always generate an estimate and discuss the best materials for your home. That estimate will cover all the costs for materials, tear down, and installation of a new roof.

With two decades of experience, you can be sure that our experts will only charge for what’s necessary to fix your Caldwell roof and prevent additional damage to your home.

New or Replacement Roof Installation

Our Caldwell roofing company is a family-owned residential and commercial roofing company and we can take care of the repair areas on a roof or suggest a complete replacement. Our services also include assistance with insurance claims and financing. Roof replacements are a huge investment, and the decision to undertake one is not taken lightly. We commonly see two reasons homeowners consider roof replacement. The first is the age of the roof.

Even the best roofs will eventually become compromised after years of exposure to heat, rain, wind, snow, and hail. Our team can offer our industry experience to help you decide if the time for a new roof is near.

If there is visible shingle damage on the home’s exterior or water damage on the interior, you can call our company to discuss a roof replacement. We recommend considering the age of your shingles and consulting the lifespan offered by the manufacturer. We can install a replacement roof before issues occur to save you time and money.

The other reason for a roof replacement is because of actual storm damage. That is the type of issue that triggers a possible insurance claim and the need for emergency repairs. E & H Roofing is an experienced Caldwell roofing company that can provide that rapid response.

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I just wish all contractors were this awesome. If you need a new roof, E & H Roofing should be your only call!
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Roof Repair Jobs

Our team carries out roof repair for a variety of reasons because no two homes are alike. Our services can be as simple as replacing a few shingles on a roof torn off in a storm or patching a leak. Roof repair can also extend to the surrounding fascia and gutters.When a problem arises with your roof, E&H Roofing is the Caldwell roofing company that can help. We take great pride in our work and back it up with the strongest warranty in the roofing industry.

Whether the need is for a minor repair or a major replacement, E&H Roofing gets the job done right every time. Call us to discuss your roof and schedule a free consultation to answer any questions you may have. We can follow up with a no-obligation estimate so you can make an informed decision.

Shingles make for a great and versatile roofing material

Our Trusted Roofing Process

A completed roofing project in CaldwellCaldwell homeowners trust E & H Roofing to repair or replace their roofs, thanks to our history in the Canyon Valley and excellent online reviews.Our business has perfected our process so that a new roof installation may only take a few days to complete from start to finish. We know it can disrupt everyday life and aim to reduce that interruption as much as possible.

Our team delivers roofing materials the day before the job starts and stores them in an inconspicuous place. The trash from a roof removal or repair service, such as old shingles, is kept in commercial dumpsters for removal. These dumpsters are set onto tarps to protect the homeowner’s lawns and gardens and make garbage cleanup more efficient.

Residents recommend E & H because we take pride in every step of the repair process and never leave the homeowner out of the picture. We work professionally and efficiently to have your roof back in a better state than when we arrived. This includes a spotless clean-up from our roofers and an inspection with you before we leave.

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Roof Repair Project


Entire experience was wonderful for my home roof replacement!
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New Roof Installation For Caldwell, Idaho Home



We were so pleased with everything. Our roof is absolutely beautiful! Thank you
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Idaho Roofing Materials

Selecting the roofing material is the most crucial aspect of your new roof installation. Your choice of roof materials will determine the home’s look and how long the new roof will last.

Every client is different, and each of our roof installations and repairs considers Caldwell’s seasonal climate to protect all year round from sun, winds, and frost.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material in the country and the most cost-effective. When applied, these three-tab shingles formed with a fiberglass base produce an aesthetically pleasing irregular pattern.

Aside from their low cost, asphalt shingles are flexible. That makes them ideal for matching a roof’s expansion and contraction. Most asphalt shingle manufacturers will offer a 20 or 30-year warranty, and they’re often a homeowners association’s first choice for roofing. With a quality installation, asphalt shingles will last up to 30 years.

Metal Roofing Options

Metal roofs are another popular option for homeowners with interlocking aluminum or steel panels that look sleek and keep the rain and snow out. Metal roofs also provide a slick surface for snow to slide off in the winter, helping to alleviate the need to go up on the roof and shovel.

Contrary to popular opinion, a metal roof will not make a home hotter and could help to deflect the sun. Most of these roofs can last up to 50 years when properly installed.

Synthetic Materials

For the eco-conscious, synthetic composite roofing shingles are another option for a new roof. These are “recycled” shingles made from recycled asphalt, fiberglass, clay, and paper.

The significant advantage of synthetic shingles is that they don’t crack or split apart even in considerable weather. They come in various colors and shapes and are easy to ship and install. Synthetic roofing shingles can last for up to 20 years and beyond.

The Town of Caldwell

Caldwell, ID, is the heart of Canyon County, with a population of 63,000 that continues to grow. Founded in 1883, the town has long since been a stopover for people, whether it was the promise of gold in a local mine or later as displaced settlers needing a new home.E & H Roofing has made itself part of the community, servicing homes with twenty-year-old roofs and helping to keep them protected. Caldwell enjoys a variety of weather, and our expert team can help assure protection through regular upkeep against snowy winters, high precipitation, and warm, long summers.


Thank you E & H Roofing for a great job installing our roof replacement! Thanks to their crew for a fast, professional, and pleasant experience.
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